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Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the Pay Per Click (PPC) keyword-based advertising option made available by Google. It’s been around for years, and since Google’s not going anywhere—neither is AdWords. While AdWords may not be the right fit for every campaign, it is a skill every marketer needs to have. ETUDEMY provides Google AdWords training in Bangalore, for anyone who wants to learn!

More Than Just Keywords

While keywords are a major part of designing an effective AdWords campaign, it’s just one aspect:

• You need to choose keywords that are trending, but that also generate a reasonable CPA. You want a competitive keyword.

• You need a keyword that is relevant to your niche, but targeted so that you can send lead into a marketing funnel.

• You also want a keyword that you can easily build a creative campaign around.

Next up, you must understand how to create a headline that converts, graphics that visually engage, and a sales or landing page that will feed your lead into your targeted marketing funnel. In other words, selecting a keyword requires the expertise of a trained online marketer.

A/B Split Test

The great thing about setting up ads in Google, is that Google has in-depth and impressive analytics. Of course, they do, they want you coming back for more! While you know you need to leverage these analytics to measure your ROI, you can also use them to test two similar headlines, versions of an ad, or location-targeted ad to see which one does better. Even if you have worked diligently to plan the perfect PPC ad campaign, you must still test your campaign.

PPC Can Be Infrequent

The marketing mix you design for every client will have many segments, with Google AdWords being just one. The fact of the matter is, PPC may not be the right monthly investment—but could be a powerful seasonal investment. For example, you may only suggest ads during relevant holidays, when running sales or promotions, during your peak season, or when launching new product. Part of your Google AdWords training in Bangalore will be to ensure you understand how and when to leverage PPC.

We don’t just walk you through how to use AdWords, but we have a LIVE project which allows you to jump right in and start using this powerful tool firsthand. After you learn your way around the complexities, we will show you how to look beyond the obvious keywords—to the effective less competitive ones for your marketing funnel.

Your Google AdWords training in Bangalore will ensure your marketing skillset stands out from the DIY crowd. You will learn how to run creative PPC campaigns that convert, with measurable ROI and targeted funnels.