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About Us

Digital strategies change rapidly, we make sure you are on the forefront. Our team of experts has first-hand experience and wants to see you succeed. Classes are live meaning you will get the one-on-one attention you deserve.

ETUDEMY opened our doors, with the goal of providing businesses owners, and anyone who wants to master the art of growing their online presence—a reliable place to do just that! We provide LIVE digital marketing training in Bangalore in the most cutting-edge online practices.

Our students are of all ages and walks of life, but they all have one thing in common—a passion to leverage the power of digital to help them grow. From creating a sustainable online business model, to expanding a brick and mortar business, driving targeted traffic to an email marketing funnel, or becoming a shining star on social media. We welcome all: IT Professionals, Marketing Professionals, MBA Students, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, At-Home Business Owners, and anyone who wants to expand their skillset or launch an exciting new career! Our onsite HR team is here to help each student prepare for their new career, including resume preparation and mock interviews. We make sure all students get placed in with a quality employer, or that you develop the skills you need to optimize your business. A career in digital marketing can take you in many different directions, and is required for absolutely every industry. It can be leveraged for local, nationwide, and global lead generation, sales, and branding.


Our vision is to teach you the digital skills required to successfully implement all you have learned as soon as you complete your modules. You can apply your skills to your own business or entrepreneurial endeavor, or you can take our class to launch your new career.


Our mission is to provide premier digital marketing training in Bangalore! We are on a mission to deliver the quality concepts, strategies, and techniques required to succeed in the online world. From building a powerful brand, to effectively translating an offline brand in the online world. Most importantly, we teach you the ways in which each sectors of marketing must be connected—online, mobile, social media, email, content, web designs, and paid marketing campaigns.