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Website Planning & Creation

Anyone can design a website, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should. ETUDEMY digital marketing institute in Bangalore is dedicated to helping you create a professional website—a website that converts! The layout will be user-friendly, the design clean, and your message clear. To really get your new digital endeavor off the ground, we provide you with the premium version of WordPress theme worth of INR3500—for FREE. The SEO is built-in to this stunning theme, maximizing the organic traffic to your website. We also teach the basics of HTML so that you can add some advanced features and functions!

It’s easy to forget to appreciate good sites until we see a bad one. Practical aesthetics allow websites to turn emotional appeal into solid action. With Etudemy we will teach you how to build aesthetically pleasing and good websites.

We begin with the basics, then teach you how to customize, brand, and add the advanced features and functions to any WordPress website.

Understanding the customer experience-side of website design will ensure you built a website that meets their needs, not just yours.

After this session, you will be able to

You will be able to plan an organized website with the correct pages, primary and secondary keywords, and the advanced framework that makes a website tick.

Website development differs greatly from the visual aesthetics. In this module, we will teach you how to create a polished and functional website that will be an asset and branding tool for every business you serve.

Your plan is in place; your branded design is visualized—now it is time to bring your design to life! Now you will learn how to build your own WordPress website with a predefined premium themes.