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Cyber Security Courses in Kerala

It is more than just a certification.

Etudemy, a training institute, is offering cyber security courses in Kerala that cover every broad aspect of cyber security.

High Demand in Job Market

By learning cyber security courses, you are not only increasing your possibility of getting hired in MNCs in India but also across the globe. In today’s business world, the demand for cyber security professionals is very high.


Be it the insurance industry or the IT industry, data breach affects the bottom-line of every business. Traditionally, security was an overlooked aspect of many companies. But with the increase in cyber attacks over the past decade, every company had to strengthen its cyber security workforce to safeguard their valuable information and online assets.

What do you learn in Cyber security?

Since it is a relatively young discipline, the study programs and curricula keep evolving. However, you get to learn on digital forensics, security policies, and other broad aspects of cyber security such as mitigating cyber threats, creating security plans, monitoring activities, basic system administration and many more. 


The various job profiles of a cyber security professional include network security engineer, cyber security analyst, security architect, cyber security manager, chief information security officer and many others.

Cyber security skills in demand

Many cyber security skills are in high demand. Organizations are looking for professionals who have proficiency in a programming language such as Java plus network and system architecture and management know-how. Also, they are looking for professionals who have certifications such as Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Information security auditor, and certified information security professionals among others.


However, when you are going for a certification course on cyber security, choose an institute that gives the right training.

Fastest Growing Industry

This has made cyber security one of the fastest growing industries. Not only does it provide a hefty pay, but it also provides a wide range of opportunities for further growth. According to a recent survey by experts, cyber security will evolve into a billion-dollar industry by 2020.


While this is a positive sign for cyber security professionals, there is still a large skill gap in the market. Since every company needs cyber security professionals to ensure their security, they are asking many of the existing IT professionals to take up cyber security certifications. Also, professionals having certifications in cyber security is paid more than the normal IT employees.