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  • 120+ Hours of Practical Sessions
  • Simple and Easy Learning
  •  Industry Tools Mastery
  • Intensive and Practical Course
  • Earn your Google Certifications
  • Live Projects
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Expert faculty
  • Learn from Experts

Embracing the Digital FutureETUDEMYA Comprehensive Guide to Digital Marketing Courses in Malappuram


Industry Relevant Skills


Etudemy Digital marketing courses in Malappuram are designed to equip students with hands-on, industry-relevant skills. From crafting compelling ad copies to analyzing data to optimize campaigns, these courses go beyond theory, providing practical insights that are immediately applicable in the real world.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your digital marketing game!

Enroll in our Digital Media Marketing Course today and unlock the power of social media to grow your brand, engage your audience, and achieve your business goals.

Etudemy provides Google Certified Digital Marketing Course, Data Science & Artificial intelligence Training, Web & App Development Training, Graphic Designing Classes, and Video Editing course. We provide quality hands-on training to those who want to master the above programs.


Etudemy has a structured tutoring format and highlights the given topics

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content and inbound marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
    Digital Marketing in Malappuram

    Practical Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram

At Etudemy, Web design provides a clear view of a business It’s the way toward arranging and building the components of your content and designs. and also teach you how to create a stunning website with SEO integration.

Begin with the Foundations of Front End Development & Move to More Advanced Studies. Learn the Top Front-End Developer Skills for a Successful Career in Web Development!

We're committed to your success beyond the course.

Digital Marketing Course in MalappuramYou’ll have access to ongoing support, including post-course resources, updates, and a dedicated support team. We’re here to answer your questions, provide guidance, and support you as you apply your social media marketing skills.

Companies market their brand, product, and services through Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM has revolutionized the Digital Marketing Platform and made it convenient for businesses to get to know the preferences of their target audience firsthand.

The journey toward becoming a full-fledged Social Media Marketer must seem quite tough on your own. Hence, we have brought you the Training Institute that will make your journey smooth and easy – Etudemy. This is the platform that provides the best Social Media Marketing courses in Kerala.

Anyone who completes the Advanced Diploma in Digital Branding & Web Technologies course will specialize in five areas:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Editing 
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Business English
  • Interview Skills

The second-biggest internet searcher, YouTube can help improve your brand image.YouTube advertising can be a favourite tool for all brands. Learn YouTube strategies at the right place, you can kick start your YouTube channel today! and take your video on the top of the YouTube

  • Placement or Internship
  • Google Certifications
  • Facebook Certifications
  • Hubspot Certification
  • Live Projects
  • Online Business Ideas
  • Practical Implementations
  • Latest Industry Trends
  • Business strategies
  • Digital Marketing Tools
    Digital Marketing Academy in Malappuram

    Learn Online Marketing Course in Malappuram from Etudemy

Digital Branding is a marketing practice that helps a business to identify products and services that differ from other products and services. Diploma in Digital Marketing and Branding Course at Etudemy Malappuram will give you a clear vision of branding strategies by the top companies.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a Facebook marketing pro! Enroll in our Facebook Marketing Course today and unlock the potential of this powerful platform to propel your business to new heights.

Are you ready to harness the power of Facebook to grow your business, expand your reach, and connect with your target audience? Look no further! Our comprehensive Facebook Marketing Course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to master the art of Facebook marketing and achieve outstanding results. Facebook has 2.7 billion users, giving us the hold on the colossal worldwide market to promote our brand and maintain its social media presence. Facebook Marketing is either done ‘organically’ (free) or through ‘paid’ means. To get started, set up your business page and start posting and sharing content.


Etudemy Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram is the Future, Avail this Opportunity

There is no wonder that you are a professional looking for a career in digital marketing. Youareontherighttrackasthenumberofdigitalmarketingjobsisincreasingatanalarmingrate. Doing a digital marketing course and starting a career in digital marketing has a lot of benefits for people of all age groups. But how do you prepare to be the best in this field?

Doyouhavetheskillscompaniesarelookingfor?Oh, yes, you do have. However, there is always a need to explore the opportunities that the field has to offer. In this blog, we’ll give you important tips to help you sharpen your skills and choose the right course for Digital Marketing in Malappuram. These tips must not be missed to get 100% placements. So, stick with us until the end of the blog!

The traditional form of marketing such as billboards and print ads are diminishing. Businesses of all sizes and shapes have started embracing digital marketing to stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital era. Since more and more customers are researching and buying products online, the need for a strong online presence has become more important than ever.

The opportunities for digital marketers are never-ending. However, the competition in the field is also increasing day by day. Since there are many digital marketing institutes offering various digital marketing courses, finding the right institute that can give you hands-on experience in the field is the key.

Welcome to our comprehensive digital marketing course with placement support in Malappuram!

Today, digital marketers with top skill sets are the ones who are entrusted with the responsibilities for companies’ branding and other marketing aspects. Not only does it open a wide range of employment opportunities for digital marketers, but it also gives them the chance to explore numerous roles to play in an organization. Unlike any other profession, digital marketing doesn’t limit one from exploring new realms or horizons. For instance, if you get a job as a content writer, your main job will be writing content. But, as a digital marketer, you get to play many roles, including content writing, social media strategist, social media stagiest, and many more. That’s not all. You get to engage with the audience, flex your creative muscles, and can bring new strategies that excite your employers and their target audience.

What makes students choose Etudemy digital marketing institute in Malappuram for their career advancement?

We, at Etudemy, attract a lot of students from different branches, including jobseekers, housewives who want to restart their careers, and business professionals who struggle to compete in the online space. The reason is the digital marketing course that we offer is completely based on practical approaches. Our students learn creative things in highly interactive classes taught directly by industry experts in the field who have produced results for top-tier companies. Our prime focus is on teaching how to market a business from scratch, which is not provided by any other Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram. Therefore, students at Etudemy always feel free to ask any queries and apply what they learn in class effectively in daily practice. And,by the end of the course with us, anyone can confidently implement marketing strategies across all types of marketing channels.

So, what students can expect from Digital Marketing Course is important for securing a promising career with numerous benefits!

Businesses can also see positive results from digital marketing. Etudemy’s digital marketing institute in Malappuram gives businesses the ability to maximize their return on investment by changing their marketing strategies. Recent technological advancements and their adoption by businesses have changed the way we communicate and receive information. Nowadays, most people obtain their information directly from the internet because cell phones are increasingly affordable.

 Every minute of every day, businesses are searching for new and innovative ways to interact with customers using technology. Their digital marketing strategy involves creating content that is highly targeted and enticing to their target audience, so they successfully attract and engage them. Digital Marketing is a career option that will be relevant for years to come as the economy becomes more digital. Discover the benefits of studying digital marketing and discover more about how it can benefit you. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a method of marketing brands, products, and services. It is revolutionizing the way digital marketing is conducted. Businesses can now get a feel for their target audiences’ preferences first-hand because of the medium.

With Etudemy Digital Academy’s training program in Malappuram, you can learn everything you need to know regarding SMM benefits, career opportunities, and growth to make your selection easier. This is why Etudemy’s digital marketing training in Malappuram Perinthalmanna is the perfect marketing solution for students.

How can anyone benefit from the best digital marketing course in Malappuram?

Today, the world of business revolves around digital technology. In a new study, people use their phones for approximately 5.4 hours each day. With social media becoming a major part of everyday life, we have become more adept at using phones every day. Internet-based content is something we either consume or create most of the time. Messages and calls are no longer sent or received on mobile phones. All kinds of tasks are carried out on mobile phones, including finding our way on a map and ordering food. Businesses are beginning to realize the value of mobile phones. They do online marketing to effectively reach their target audience, which spends most of its time online. Digital marketing has grown rapidly as a result. A business’s digital marketing is among one its most vital components over the past decade. Digital marketing is now a necessity to survive in the current market, whether an online or offline business.

There is no wonder that you are a professional looking for a career in digital marketing. Youareontherighttrackasthenumberofdigitalmarketingjobsisincreasingatanalarmingrate. Doing a digital marketing course and starting a career in digital marketing has a lot of benefits for people of all age groups. But how do you prepare to be the best in this field?Doyouhavetheskillscompaniesarelookingfor?Oh, yes, you do have. However, there is always a need to explore the opportunities that the field has to offer. In this blog, we’ll give you important tips to help you sharpen your skills and choose the right course in Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram. These tips must not be missed to get 100% placements.

Etudemy offers the best Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram and is one of the most well-known Digital Marketing Institutes. We at Etudemy offer a wide range of industry-focused courses created by professionals with extensive experience and smart work who have been in the industry forever. You can definitely use our courses to advance your career. Our courses help you to accomplish your goals!

Etudemy Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram is intended to help students achieve specific objectives.

Taking this course will give you comprehensive knowledge of the eight most important domains of digital marketing, as well as the ability to gain real-world experience to further prepare you for the workplace. This course will expose you to 30 digital marketing tools, hands-on project experience, and a capstone project that will prepare you for the workplace.

With the completion of this digital marketing course in Malappuram, Etudemy will award you a certificate acknowledging the development of the skills of a Digital Marketing Specialist, validating your capabilities to oversee digital marketing activities within your organization.

We, at Etudemy, attract a lot of students from different branches, including jobseekers, housewives who want to restart their careers, and business professionals who struggle to compete in the online space. The reason is the digital marketing course that we offer is completely based on practical approaches. Our students learn creative things in highly interactive classes taught directly by industry experts in the field who have produced results for top-tier companies. Our prime focus is on teaching how to market a business from scratch, which is not provided by any other Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram. Therefore, students at Etudemy always feel free to ask any queries and apply what they learn in class effectively in daily practice. And, by the end of the course with us, anyone can confidently implement marketing strategies across all types of marketing channels.

So, what students can expect from Digital Marketing Course is important for securing a promising career with numerous benefits!

  • Bring professionalism in you and learn the skills required for getting placements: There is a lot of competition in the outside world for securing jobs in Digital Marketing. The only thing that can help you stand out is how professional you are with the marketing channels that you handle. We have an eye on the required skills and give our expertise to students. In placement drives, we guarantee 100% secure & top profiles in job positions and good salaries to students. This is impossible without rigorous training and preparing accordingly with professional behavior in performing marketing.

Exhibit creativity with freelance works that we provide: With the training that we offer you, you are ready to add value through content creativity and logical thinking. Every day is new learning at our academy where you can imagine and we help you to innovate ideas for effective marketing. This career has become so dynamic that there are a lot of digital tools available online for you. But people don’t know how and where to use it.

The world is changing digitally in all businesses and you should learn how to adapt to changes with freelance work. Every job profile has some challenges and we are here to help you overcome those with all domain classes and practices such as Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Mobile Marketing, Content Marketing, and so on. In the best Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram, these masterclasses and freelance work for every student (one on one) are curated according to the needs and requirements to boost your digital marketing skills.

Achieve mastery in Digital Marketing with fully practical training:

Everyone will tell you the benefits of digital marketing but the real question is how students can benefit from a Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram. You should only choose a digital marketing course that gives lots of opportunities for live projects. Indeed, this will give you a practical opportunity to use your digital marketing knowledge. We provide 80+ hours of practical sessions. This is going to help you learn how to generate results with these live training sessions and customers will know you with better reachability.

There are a lot of opportunities that our professional training certificates will provide, more than a job. You will explore the opportunity that you didn’t have before with so much more than just theoretical knowledge. Practical training will help you to grow your area of expertise with better customer satisfaction. We highlight all your strengths on various platforms at every step of training. You will be able to promote yourself better with this life-long learning and be the changemaker for the upcoming trends in the industry.

We hope this helps you to choose the right Digital Marketing course in Malappuram and also hone your skills with an overview of what we offer as a top course with the best Digital Marketing in Malappuram. Our programs and training courses in all domains, especially digital marketing will help you to get all the required skills and succeed in marketing different types of businesses. Even if you want to restart your career, or are seeking a job, our business training welcomes people from all walks of life and guarantees 100% placements with lifelong placement support. We wish you the best in your career in digital marketing and offer free hands with our experts and passionate marketers in the revolutionizing field of Digital Marketing in Malappuram!

The industry experts teach every course in a very simple manner. You don’t need to panic if you know nothing about digital tools and their applications. We are fully skilled to impart success in Digital Marketing. All marketing strategies that we teach our students can be implemented at any time you need.  Experts from the field have worked for so long with different types of businesses, and customers and they come out to be a package for successful business marketing. Whether the goal is to imply strategies for sales and leads or drive traffic to your website through content marketing, social media, and SEO optimization; we offer simple solutions for each category that drives results.

The expertise more than everything will help you to know customers with Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram about their behavior, likes, and dislikes. And, you must know that the better you know your customers, you will get more sales and profit your business. You become an expert in your field if you have trainers who closely guide you to take every step forward in achieving higher customer satisfaction.

Etudemy digital marketing course in Malappuram is led by a team of seasoned industry professionals who bring a wealth of practical experience and expertise to the table. These instructors have a deep understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem, having worked with renowned brands and executed successful campaigns. Their guidance and mentorship will provide you with valuable insights and perspectives, helping you navigate the dynamic world of digital marketing with confidence.

The Etudemy digital marketing course in Malappuram goes beyond the basics, offering an in-depth and up-to-date curriculum that covers all essential aspects of digital marketing. From search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing to content creation and analytics, this course ensures you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the digital landscape.

We understand the hassle of a hectic routine. That’s why we recommend flexible learning options to go well with your plan. Choose between weekday or weekend classes, and opt for in-person instruction or online learning, depending on your preferences and availability.

Join at the RIGHT Digital Marketing Institute Malappuram with Best Faculties & Start Your Digital Courses Today!

Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram Perinthalmanna

Out of all the digital marketing Courses in Malappuram why would you choose Etudemy to be your guide?

Are you looking for digital marketing courses in Malappuram? Are you a student looking to upgrade your skills and creativity? or Are you a business owner looking for ways to advertise your business online?

Etudemy opens a gate that prepares students to be in a mature professional environment. We hold our values tight with integrity, commitment, and passion.

We start our Etudemy training in Malappuram sessions from scratch, which makes you comfortable with the field. Etudemy gives a clear-cut idea of what to foresee. From computer basics to programming language, data analytics, web development, and more.

Etudemy digital marketing course in Malappuram makes you capable enough to work independently by assigning projects. Also, we have an updated curriculum, assure 100% percent placement assistance, and will be by your side until your objective is fulfilled.

ETUDEMY Digital Marketing Institute in Malappuram is one of the prominent academics in computer courses, digital marketing training, and multimedia courses. We additionally also branded Computer Training Centre, Animation Training Institutes, Android Training Institutes, Graphic Training Institutes, Computer Training Institutes for web designing and development and Institutes for Information Technologies.

Don’t fret; we are here with a permanent solution for you. Etudemy is a top-tier digital marketing academy in Malappuram.

Etudemy also offers a comprehensive Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram with diplomas and Certifications. Students will get the opportunity to learn from first-hand experienced top industry professionals & experts who will mentor and solve their doubts and queries. Etudemy also has a diploma in Digital Branding and Web Technologies where in addition we train Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Communicative English, and interview skills.

We Are Located At:

Royal Plaza Building, Opp.KSRTC Buststand, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram, Kerala – 6793322

Mob: 7593913000

You are welcome to be a part of ETUDEMY DIGITAL MARKETING INSTITUTE in Malappuram. Ready to take the first step toward becoming a digital marketing pro? Reserve your spot for our FREE digital marketing course demo class today!

Welcome to Etudemy Digital Marketing Academy in Malappuram! We are a team of experienced digital marketing professionals who are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise with individuals looking to improve their digital marketing skills.

Our academy offers a comprehensive program that covers a wide range of topics, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and analytics. Our courses are designed to equip you with the practical skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

Our trainers are industry experts with years of experience in digital marketing. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to the classroom, ensuring that you receive the best possible training and guidance.

At our Digital Marketing Institute in Malappuram, we are committed to helping you achieve your career or business goals. Whether you’re looking to start a career in digital marketing, enhance your skills, or take your business to the next level, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed. Join us today and take the first step toward a rewarding career in digital marketing!

Considering the comfort and suitability of the student, Etudemy provides training sessions at flexible times. Age is not a factor in learning our course; you can be a working employee or handling a white-collar job or an entrepreneur or a student or even a homemaker.

Etudemy digital marketing course in Malappuram concentrates on not exceeding the batch strength as every fresher expects special attention. Etudemy has divided the learning sessions into four – morning, afternoon, evening sessions, and weekend sessions.

Students can opt for one session to attend classes considering your convenience. If you are willing to be a desired learner we are ready to lead you in achieving your goal.

The digital marketing diploma course in Malappuram offers the following benefits:

  • Own a company with SMM-based outsourcing services and work on startups
  • As a Social Media Marketing expert, you will be industry-ready.
  • The training will include SMM, SEO, Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Email Marketing, Digital Analytics, and Mobile Marketing.            
  • Get hands-on experience by participating in live projects 
  • Upon successful completion of the course, job support will be provided by experienced instructors
  • Utilization of social media tools with a deep understanding and expertise
  • Content management, online reputation management, and content marketing expertise

Learn the Best Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram

Etudemy is a leading Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram that provides a variety of courses to students to assist them in becoming better prepared for the workplace. In addition to computer basics, we provide training in web design & web development, data analytics, machine learning, cyber security, digital marketing, graphic design, and video editing. Also, we offer a variety of short-term courses, internships, and real-world projects to help you prepare for success. Our training at Etudemy is all about helping you achieve your academic goals and have the best academic career possible. Keeping up with new digital strategies is essential, as we all know, and we make sure you’re in the know. A team of experts wants to help you succeed based on first-hand experience.

The results of digital marketing are also exciting for businesses. From having the ability to change your marketing tactics to get a higher return on investment, the Etudemy digital marketing course in Malappuram is helping businesses make the best of the ongoing digital era.

The way we communicate and receive information has changed as a result of recent technological advancements and their adoption by businesses. With the introduction of increasingly affordable cell phones, the majority of people now acquire their information directly from the Internet. Businesses are working around the clock to come up with innovative ways to use technology to improve their interactions with customers.

To accomplish so, they’ve bolstered their digital marketing efforts by creating highly targeted content that entices and engages their target audience. As the economy becomes more digital, it is apparent that Digital Marketing as a career option will be there for a long time. If you’re interested in knowing more about this industry and why studying digital marketing can be beneficial, keep reading!

Companies market their brand, product, and services through Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM has revolutionized the Digital Marketing Platform. It has made it convenient for businesses to get to know the preferences of their target audience first-hand.

Etudemy Digital Academy in Malappuram teaches you all the essential details required to help you make your selection easier like the SMM benefits and features, career opportunities, and growth. And all about Etudemy digital marketing course in Malappuram Perinthalmanna — Your one-stop solution.

Due to the increasing number of people using social media for engagement and collaboration, social media marketing is booming globally. You can build your brand awareness and attract customers with the right social media marketing course. 

We are the leading social media marketing institute in Malappuram that offers flexible schedules and customizable options for all social media modules. Those who wish to get started, restart, or polish their skills in social media marketing are encouraged to enroll at Etudemy, as it provides plenty of opportunities to do so. Our digital marketing course is designed to fit your busy schedule. Whether you prefer to learn in person or join our online sessions, we offer flexible options to cater to your needs.


Why do students choose Etudemy Digital Marketing Institute Malappuram for their career growth?

Why Digital Marketing?

As the need for marketing online has become inevitable, businesses started employing professionals who know digital marketing. Although traditional marketing such as print ads and television ads were still in prominence, slowly there was a shift towards marketing online. There were not many people who understood digital marketing in the beginning.

But in no time, digital marketing institutes started cropping up across the country, encouraging students to take up these courses to pursue their new careers. Google’s algorithms became a key to understanding and executing digital marketing and the role of creativity made it a challenging yet exciting pursuit.

Today, every business knows the importance of digital marketing. In the initial stages of digital marketing, mostly it was the start-ups that used digital marketing to their advantage. But as days went by, established companies also came to know the need for digital marketing in today’s business. While it opened a host of opportunities for students and professionals to increase the demand for digital marketing strategists, it also gave rise to the digital marketing training centres to train interesting candidates.

In an era when Digital Marketing experts are in high demand, Etudemy’s digital marketing course in Malappuram Perinthalmanna aims to give the highest quality training for students and entrepreneurs looking to advance their careers and businesses. Every company and organisation must devise novel tactics for better connecting with their target audience. For anyone trying to promote a brand by establishing, executing, and implementing numerous tactics, digital marketing is one of the most basic requirements of the modern world. The goal is to take a brand’s face to a whole new level, where it has the potential to develop beyond expectations. With the concept of “Digital India” and demonetization, all businesses are frantically seeking digitalisation. By the year 2019, the industry had grown to over 5.5 lakh employment openings in the Digital Marketing sphere. It came as even more of a shock when the first quarter of 2020 was forecasted to have 10 lakh job openings.

There are many Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing for everyone! Are you ready?

Let’s see the digital marketing jobs you can take! All digital marketing professionals can take these jobs as per their interest.

  • Digital Marketing Manager: You can become a digital marketing manager in one of the top business firms. A digital marketing manager plan and sees the execution of the overall digital marketing strategy. Whether it is a search engine campaign for lead generation, the Search Engine Marketing Specialist works according to the manager’s set goals. So, you will be able to regulate every work, responsible for setting goals, measuring performance, and optimizing results. You will lead the team, and this role is good for you to plan and manage all marketing operations. This opportunity will help you to learn a lot about event and team management in companies. You will get good experience and understand all the analytical skills required to manage project budgets, design plans, and improve content. The job pays a lot for you to afford a good lifestyle.
  • SEO Specialist: SEO specialists are essential to ensure that company’s website and content rank highly on the search engine results page. You can become an SEO expert and lead your company’s website URL and backlink management, keyword research, and increase the visibility of content. If you are interested in the content, you can be a content specialist in the company. There are technical SEO experts as well who optimize the website for better search results. The SEO specialist globally are in high demand, and there are many vacancies in every niche company.
  • SEM Specialist: If you are an expert at how to handle paid advertisements well, Search Engine Marketing is also a good choice to pursue. You can strategize ad campaigns across all search engines. Creating Pay-per-click advertising strategies including bidding, budget management, performance measurement, etc. are some of the major key roles that this digital marketing career offers professionals. If you want to be an SEM specialist, you must be updated with the latest trends in the market, data-driven mindset, and perform analytical jobs.
  • Social Media Marketing Manager: What’s better than shaping the face of your company? As a social media marketing manager, you will maintain the brand’s presence online, and identity through all social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You must be good at publishing and creating content, building social media strategy, tracking viral trends, measuring performance, and optimizing campaigns. We teach all these tactics using practical approaches and social media tools for students to be able to track social performance.
  • Content Strategist: As a content strategist, you can perform competitor analysis through content. You work with the SEO team to optimize the content, write, edit, publish, develop style guides, and use the best practice in content creation. The potential for content strategists is immense, as they are independent in themselves. If you learn SEO-friendly content writing and perform content audits, there are job offers where you are paid well for every piece you write. You will get a good salary in companies and handle every piece of content smartly.
  • Data Analyst: Any data created in all marketing campaigns of the business requires analysts. If you become a data analyst, you improve the effectiveness of campaigns and organize and explore all kinds of internal and external data. We will teach you data analytics, affiliate marketing, and every other skill set that’ll help you to be a good web analytics executive in Malappuram. 

All these career opportunities are in popular demand all over the industry. The employees are paid handsome money, but the benefits are not just restricted to monetary parts. The students who come to pursue digital marketing careers in Malappuram are excited to learn these life-changing digital marketing strategies to engage and create customers for businesses. If you know your job well, money will follow up. And, a marketer should always know the latest trends in the market to stay ahead of the competition. These skills will come only with practical exposure, and not theoretical knowledge. Therefore, you must choose career opportunities in digital marketing with a suitable course.

We, at Etudemy, provide you with all dynamics of marketing in classes to make you the best fit for all marketing jobs. The course is 100% practical in approach and you will make the best out of all through our learning process. All people can benefit from our digital marketing course in Malappuram whether working professionals, freelancers, bloggers, marketing consultants, brand managers, and job-seekers in the marketing field. We assure flexible schedules and opportunities to work on real projects for our students. You will be confident in what you pursue as our placement cell, our faculty members are entirely dedicated to assisting you to get into the top digital marketing companies in Kerala!

Feel free to get in touch with us for any help you want. We will always be happy to assist you further and be a part of your digital marketing career!

A digital marketing career is different from other careers. Through digital marketing, you get to learn many things, which are not common in many other careers. If you get hired as a software engineer, you would be learning only things that are related to IT and technologies. But in digital marketing, you get to learn many things and play various roles throughout your career. From being an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategist to being a content marketer, there are various roles a digital marketer can choose from in their careers. Also, they can focus on one aspect of digital marketing and be an expert in that.

Here at Etudemy, one of the best digital marketing course providers in Malappuram, not only provide a theoretical approach to this course but also practical exposure to learning and developing yourself as a digital marketer. Get trained with Live Projects, Internships, Certifications, and also placement assistance. Our passionate team at Etudemy transforms careers with digital marketing training that sets the global standard.

It is time to get new thinking, tools, and marketing tactics with the best digital marketing institute in Malappuram.  Choose the digital marketing course at Malappuram and seek the best opportunities in the digital marketing sphere.

Best Digital marketing course in Malappuram

As the most influential source for constructing and destroying brand perception in a short amount of time, social media has become the new buzzword. The underlying reason for the significant influence social media has on human purchase decisions is the millions of views and engagement that it garners.  With the aid of various marketing and advertising channels, social media marketing has been instrumental in increasing brand awareness and increasing reach for brands. The following blog will discuss the best digital media marketing course in Malappuram.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Platforms, technologies, and strategies available in social media make it possible for users to exchange content, network, and collaborate via electronic communication. In addition to generating more revenue, customer interactions are also maintained and brand awareness is enhanced, resulting in better conversion rates.  Businesses use social media to market and promote their products and track customer requirements or concerns. While individuals use social media to communicate with friends and communities, businesses use it to market and promote a product. Social media is an integral part of any marketing strategy, whether it is for a small business or a large corporation. Various social media tools and techniques can do monitoring, analyse, and measure the results of social media. You will also gain global exposure and learn from customer insights when taking a social media marketing course in Malappuram.

Top digital media marketing course in Malappuram

Our world is rapidly moving towards a digital era, which makes knowing social media marketing an essential skill. Then here you will find the best Social media marketing academy in Malappuram offering the best courses. 

Facebook Marketing

This is one of the best Social media marketing courses in Malappuram. The power of Facebook marketing allows you to keep your customers in the loop, develop brand awareness, and reach new audiences.

Youtube Marketing

It is an online marketing technique that makes use of videos to communicate information with others.

Linkedin Marketing

The networking site can connect you with over 450 million professionals worldwide.

Twitter Marketing

The number of Twitter users is over 313 million monthly, and it has a very young demographic as well.

Digital marketing roles and responsibilities

An expert in social media marketing should know how social media can influence business and brand promotion. The following are the different tasks that social media experts are responsible for.

Plan your social media marketing strategy

A social media marketing strategy must be carefully crafted, managed, and incorporated according to the requirements of a brand or business and aligned with market trends. For this, you should:

  • Conduct competitor analysis and identify social media elements
  • Identify social media objectives that align with your company’s goals 
  • Content marketing strategies should be aligned with content pillars
  • Decide which social media platforms will be most useful for the marketing strategies
  • Social media advertising
  • The importance of social media advertising cannot be overstated, and if businesses refuse to focus on it, they will likely lose business.

Platforms and tools for managing social media

The tools and platforms of social media are constantly evolving, so experts must be aware of what’s trending and implement it to demonstrate the value of their brand. You must align yourself and update your knowledge of social media marketing to keep up with changing marketing trends.

Strategies for developing and distributing content

A social media marketing expert oversees the distribution of relevant content on social media to boost engagement by making sure that it is distributed to the audience. Content strategies designed by a marketing expert will satisfy the organization’s priorities.

Community management

Social media can spread either desirable or undesirable news quickly. The core function of a social media marketer is to build and manage a brand’s online reputation so as to stay competitive.

Is digital marketing or social media marketing a career worth pursuing?

You must have updated knowledge of market trends and developments in social media marketing to build a successful career. To learn about the basics of Social media marketing course in Malappuram, you can enrol in paid courses from top digital marketing institutes. The only way you can practice and build your skills as a social media marketing professional is to take a detailed course and get hands-on experience. Furthermore, a well-crafted social media marketing course can prepare you for a successful career as a social media marketer by providing you with the necessary marketing strategies and skills. 

You can learn modernized marketing practices and concepts by taking a social media marketing course in Malappuram. Additionally, they allow you to work on strategies to solve real-world projects in real-time through live simulations and live projects. A strong social media presence is essential for a business, and everyone hopes to attract huge traffic. Digital marketing nowadays is largely devoted to social media marketing and search engine optimization (SMM & SMO). With the growth of social media engagement, a reliable course provider also provides insights into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through their advanced training levels.

Is Social Media Marketing Important for Business Growth?

Yes, Social Media Marketing in today’s digital world is playing a crucial role. It allows you to connect with your customers and helps in understanding and curating things as per their needs and requirements. That ultimately leads to an increase in your sales and leads.

And the best part is, it is all free. You can immediately set up your business account to get started and enjoy the process while figuring out things as you go. Social Media is a place whose audience is habitual of using it almost every day. Not only that, but the audience also shares the content they find informative and entertaining.

All one needs to learn is how to use social media in their favour. And in this blog, we intend to talk about the institute that provides the best Social Media Marketing course in Kerala. We will also guide you through every step of the process.

Features and Benefits of Social Media Marketing

etudemy is one of the most well-known institutes that provides the best Social Media Marketing courses in Kerala. All the courses, including SMM at etUdemy, are highly industry-centered and created by sterling Professionals with many years of experience and smart work.

Social Media, as we know, is a vast network. It is not just limited to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It talks about all those marketing tools that generate traffic for websites and enhance the opportunity for online business. Let us discuss in brief five Social Media Marketing features and benefits each for a better marketing strategy.


  • Building a community of like-minded people
  • Social Media is all about authenticity, transparency, and honesty.
  • Keep customer service your top priority.
  • Encourage feedback and contributions from your audience.
  • Your goals and objectives should be in respect to your audience.


  • Brand Recognition is one of the most crucial benefits of SMM.
  • Exceptional Customer Service helps your business thrive.
  • Enhanced SEO is vital for obtaining traffic and higher page rankings.
  • Interacting customers through SMM and attending to their queries with top priority increases Conversion Rates.
  • SMM is Cost-Effective with good ROI.

Choose ETUDEMY and have a quality future in the growing digital world!!

Etudemy also has a diploma in Digital Branding and Web Technologies where in addition we train Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Communicative English, and interview skills.

Etudemy has a structured tutoring format and highlights the given topics

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Search Console
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content and inbound marketing

We provide all the must-have Skills to help you get a dream job!

  • Content Management Skills: Our digital marketing course in Malappuram is suitable for you to become a content marketing strategist. Content is the foundation of digital marketing. If you know content marketing in Malappuram, you have the potential to attract, engage and persuade clients well. The content skill will help you to ideate content, apply strategy and operational planning, write a wide variety of blog posts, and social media content and market them very well. In all these things, you require great communication skills and content management for good customer interaction. We impart our best knowledge to develop inside you the charisma of a content marketer.
  • Search Engine and Social Media Management: Once you create very well-designed content, the next thing is to deliver it to your potential customers. Etudemy’s course module is conceptualized intricately for students to get ample amount of time and learn social media management very well. You will learn SEO, SEM, Advertising, Email Marketing, and SMS Marketing skills. These skills can get you a high-paying job, as you make the business highly profitable. You will get experience on how to market content and bring heavy traffic to your work.
  • Technology Skills: You don’t need to learn heavy technology skills to secure a marketing career. But there are some basics which you can easily follow up with us even if you do not know computer operations properly. We will teach you to work on publishing tools, advertising campaign managers, analytic tools, and marketing automation. This will help you to be a good Digital Marketing Executive who is capable to run personalized campaigns as per the client’s needs.

We also specialize our students to have good interpersonal and strategic skills. All these skills and your hard work can help you to get different benefits of the Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram.


CALL NOW to One of the Best Digital Course in Malappuram. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a fulfilling career in digital marketing. Enroll in our digital marketing course with placement support in Malappuram today and take the first step towards a successful future in the digital realm.

What is Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing is the latest method of marketing products and services of companies through online mode using smartphones and laptops etc., from our comfort zone.

If you search on google for “Best courses to pursue in the IT field”, you will see a list of websites on your search page results. They all appear first based on google ranking. It is Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO that helps businesses to get the online attention of people. So, whenever someone is interested in your product, Google at least helps customers to enquire further. This is just a small example of the Digital presence that any company holds online. Digital Marketing Strategy helps to handle everything from social media, your website, emails, and digital channels. No company whether big or small can do without Digital Marketing. Even offline business service needs the help of Digital Marketing to get recognition and make the brand’s image. This is a vast field where there are a group of dedicated marketers employed in taking the business to the forefront.

Now, you must be wanting to know further what a digital marketer does for business.

The competition among all businesses online has risen so much in the last decade, and trust us, it will never cease to end in all business sizes. Every company gets hands-on dedicated revenue to use Digital Marketing Services in Malappuram. In big and small cities, the craze among students to pursue career opportunities in Digital Marketing in Malappuram is skyrocketing like never before. You can also pursue a course in Digital Marketing that is offering you live sessions and practical classes.

The certified course will help you become a digital marketer who has the practical knowledge required about getting a mass audience for business online and increasing brand awareness among prospective customers too. There are a lot of computer and marketing skills that you will learn in the course.

Who is eligible to learn it?

Anybody can learn Digital Marketing from working professionals to homemakers and students to job-seekers. All you need is an internet connection and a willingness to learn.

Etudemy is the best Digital Marketing Institute in Malappuram. We have produced the highest placement numbers, and there is a new record continuing every year. Our dedicated teachers are some of the best digital experts in the field. They provide practical knowledge not only to young candidates but all people. So, don’t dishearten yourself if you are a job seeker, a business owner, someone who wants to restart their career, homemaker. We welcome people of all age groups and services. With our digital marketing training, anybody can get success in their hands. The job and internship opportunities will get you a regular income and make a secure future. Our goal is to make our students learn the intricacies of marketing in a very simple manner. If you follow this journey with us, we are confident we to make you a good Digital Marketer in a short time.

Where can I learn this course?

You can either learn it online from the comfort of your home or offline by joining an institute like Etudemy Malappuram Perinthalmanna with their savvy techies, are here to help and guide you every step of the way. Their batches are conducted during the morning, afternoon, evening, and even on weekends.

Do not miss these best career opportunities after pursuing Digital Marketing Course!

Are you confident with pursuing marketing businesses? Well, if you own a local business or provide any kind of service, Digital Marketing comes first on the list. You need marketing right from the beginning of your business when you have a plan of action in mind. The Digital Marketing field is evolving every day, and there are endless possibilities and methods to work on in today’s digitized world. Many students want to pursue Digital Marketing Courses in Malappuram. The career provides a lot of job opportunities to candidates who want to secure a future in marketing. Everything you watch around you as promotions, advertisements, and campaigns on your electronic devices gives you an idea about how broad the umbrella of Digital Marketing is in today’s generation.

Every business wants to connect with its customers on the internet. Online marketing helps to connect with potential customers and get good reach for better business opportunities than traditional marketing. Let’s know the importance of Digital Marketing, the endless Career Opportunities for you in this field, and the various career opportunities in Digital Marketing in Malappuram

Is any certification available?

Yes, Etudemy provides Google certification on all of its courses.

What are the advantages of learning Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram, Perinthalmanna Center?

While there are several digital marketing courses available in the region, we have curated a list of some of the best options to help you get started:

  1. Etudemy Digital Marketing Academy: Offering comprehensive digital marketing courses in Malappuram, ABC Digital Marketing Academy focuses on practical training and real-world applications. Their expert faculty members provide in-depth knowledge across various domains of digital marketing.
  2. Etudemy Location: Located in Perinthalmanna, Etudemy offers a range of digital marketing courses designed to cater to beginners as well as professionals. With a focus on hands-on training and live projects, Etudemy ensures that students gain practical experience during the course.
  3. Digital Masters Academy: Known for its industry-oriented approach, Etudemy Digital Masters Academy provides a variety of digital marketing courses in Malappuram. Their curriculum covers all major aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, and Google Ads, among others.

The advantages of learning digital marketing courses at Etudemy Malappuram Perinthalmanna Center are as follows:

  • Upgrades your creativity and skills
  • Cost-effective
  • Wide-ranging career opportunities
  • Assists in growing your business with social media
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Proper classroom training
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Assignments
  • Practicals
  • Seminars
  • Mock interview

Benefits of Etudemy digital marketing academy in Malappuram 

Internship or Placement 

We provide our students with the best placements and internships after they successfully complete our digital marketing course. Our students are guaranteed 100% placement and internships for their career development.

Facebook Certifications

You need a certification to show that you are familiar with Facebook marketing when applying for different digital marketing positions. Facebook Certifications are offered by Etudemy and can prove helpful for your marketing career.

Clear Concept

We offer a wide range of online courses on creative techniques, business strategies, and technical skills. Each of our courses is taught by a professional in the industry in Bangalore. Additionally, we can create customized learning modules that meet your specific needs in order to help you benefit from Etudemy to the fullest extent possible.

Practical Lab

During the Etudemy Courses in Perinthalmanna Malappuram, learners are encouraged to share knowledge, discuss action learning sessions, network with peers, and integrate the latest technology. The core elements of digital marketing will be taught by our team of experts. The best way to learn digital marketing is through hands-on experience, and the Etudemy Courses recognize this. Through practical assignments, real-world projects, and case studies, you will get ample opportunities to apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. This experiential learning approach ensures that you develop the necessary skills and gain confidence in implementing effective digital marketing strategies.

 Live Projects

A leading provider of hands-on training in the art of growing one’s online presence, Etudemy Academy provides exceptional quality. With Live projects and training in the most current practices in digital marketing, we are committed to providing and supporting candidates.

Digital Marketing Tools

You can streamline your marketing campaigns by utilizing the right tools and automating a number of tasks by using them.

Etudemy, a Reputed Training Center in Malappuram

Etudemy Digital Marketing Institute Malappuram was founded in the year 2013.  Etudemy is a top-notch player in the category of Digital Training Institutes in Malappuram. This renowned institution for a one-stop destination for serving all kinds of digital marketing courses and services. Students at Etudemy are from the Malappuram district and other parts of Kerala. Over the plenty of job guarantee courses at Etudemy, all the courses have molded a solid base in its industry and high demand in the job market. Etudemy is Located on Mannarkkad Road, Opp. KSRTC Bus Stand, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram district where anyone who desires to visit the academy can reach very easily and comfortably, and even from even long-distance students also can reach immediately to this place immediately because it’s just opposite KSRTC bus stand Perinthalmanna, Malappuram

What are the course that Etudemy Malappuram provides?

Google-certified Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram

ETUDEMY DIGITAL MARKETING ACADEMY in Perintalmanna Malappuram has a comprehensive range of digital courses to equip the different wants of students, entrepreneurs, and job seekers. The faculty at this academy are well-experienced in the industry and well-knowledgeable in the digital marketing domain. They readily answer any queries or questions that you may have. Our office starts from 09:30 – 17:00 every day.

Etudemy offers Google Certified Digital Marketing Courses in Malappuram as well as data science and artificial intelligence courses as well as web and app development classes and graphic design classes. Those who wish to master the above programs can receive quality hands-on training from us. Here is a brief description of the courses we offer at our institute.

Graphic Designing

Students studying graphic design will learn how to combine words and pictures in advertisements, magazines, and books.

Search Engine Marketing

In search engine marketing, websites are promoted primarily through paid advertising that helps them achieve higher visibility on search engine results pages.

Social Media Marketing

In the Digital Marketing Course, one of the core topics is Social Media Marketing, which describes how to promote products and services through social media platforms and websites.

Search Engine Optimization

A part of the Digital Marketing Course is SEO, or search engine optimization – the process of improving your site so that it is more visible on search engines when people are looking for products or services.

Email Marketing

During an email marketing course, students learn about how to use email to gain customers and clients while promoting their products or services.


WordPress plays a key role in Digital Marketing in Malappuram, particularly in SEO. It is a toolset for building and hosting websites.

Etudemy is well-known for offering the best courses in the following categories: Computer Training Institutes, Digital Marketing Courses, Animation Training Institutes, Graphic design courses, Web design courses, Website Development Courses, Android Training Institutes, Computer Training Institutes for Programming, Graphic Training Institutes, Computer Training Institutes For Java, Academy for IT.

What is ETUDEMY Advanced Diploma in Digital Branding Course?

Advanced Diploma in Digital Branding & Web Technologies 

The ultimate job seeking and student course! Certified Digital Marketing Profession is the most widely recognized digital marketing credential in the world. Our guidance keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends and insights.

We are providing real-time training in the rapidly growing field of digital / IT careers to students and job seekers, with the aim to place them into positions in digital marketing, IT, and branding.

A digital skills landscape

Your diploma in Digital Marketing Certification will transform you into a digital market expert in various parts of the marketing industry such as SEO, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, and mobile marketing. Gain industry-ready skills with Facebook’s Digital Marketing Program & gain access to the latest tools. Receive real-world projects to work on and attend Facebook team seminars. The students who enrol in this course will receive live project coaching in all of these areas!

What you will learn:  

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. E-Commerce Web Development
  3. Web Designing
  4. Graphic Designing
  5. Video Editing

Further training will be provided in English communication and interviewing skills.

What would you benefit from learning Advanced Diploma in Digital Branding & Web Technologies? 


Our Perinthalmanna center gives every student individual attention based on their progress so they can learn at their own pace.

Assistive employment 100%

For students who have completed one of our courses, we offer complete placement assistance. Among the services we offer are interview preparation, application submission, and more.

Experts in digital marketing

Aspirants have the advantage of training with industry experts who are leading digital industry experts.

Syllabus validated by the industry

We analyze digital marketing updates every two weeks, which is conducted by our curriculum strategists, to stay on top of the most current industry trends.

Keep up-to-date with industry website development

Our training program is based on industry experts, and our syllabus is updated regularly, so you will never miss a single detail from the wide world of digital marketing. We ensure you will keep up-to-date with industry developments.

The training you receive from industry experts, along with a syllabus that is all updated, guarantees that you will not miss anything important from the wide world of digital marketing.

Etudemy Digital  Marketing Course in Malappuram: Who is Eligible?

  •  Students who have completed the +2
  •  Students who have completed graduation
  • Students pursuing a graduate degree can also attend

Time frame for the course

  • 1 year

Digital Marketing is an option for those who want to start

  •  Advancement of skills
  •  Seek career opportunities
  •  Approaching the latest trend
  •  Contributing to influencing
  • A source of income that is passive
  •  Expanding and developing your career

Benefits of Joining

Such Multi-Skilled candidates will receive preferential treatment from companies during interviews. The skills of a job seeker can easily lead to employment in a foreign country if they have skills in so many different fields. Students who complete the Advanced Diploma in Digital Branding & Web Technologies program at ETUDEMY Academy are guaranteed 100% job placement.

Why should you take a Digital Marketing Course?

If you are an employer, what will you look for in your candidates in an interview? Knowledge in the field? Practical Experience? Or both? Well, skill-building is the topmost entity that every IT career demands.

If you want to get successful, learn more and more with practical exposure. Theoretical knowledge is also important, but if you are not familiar with how you can apply the knowledge, will you be able to produce results for the company?  Our Digital Marketing Course in Malappuram is very interactive as we focus primarily on the individual growth of each student. The doubt-clearing sessions and one-on-one interaction in classes are helpful for you to understand the concepts crystal. With this course, you are learning Search Engine Optimization Management, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Brand Management, Digital Marketing Management, Mobile Marketing Expertise, Web Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, and many more sub-fields in great detail. These concepts need to be thoroughly dealt with otherwise you will get stuck in handling marketing. Every topic will help you to combine one or more application-based knowledge in the field. This is how you become a successful Digital Marketer with Etudemy.

We create opportunities for you, and you become a valuable digital practitioner across any industry you work for. There are many benefits to pursuing this course, and every marketing enthusiast should grab this opportunity for a brighter future in a marketing career. There is no technical background required for you to take all career opportunities in Digital Marketing. If you are from a humanities background, commerce background, or science, or are a working person, the marketing techniques will help you greatly to overcome every problem. We have specific solutions for every problem the business may face in operations. As a successful digital marketer, you should be ready to lead and execute your company’s digital marketing strategy.

There are many marketing skills in demand. Artificial intelligence and online tools can work best when the marketer knows what to use and when. If you know these marketing skills, you can change the entire landscape of marketing.

The best way to learn digital marketing is through hands-on experience, and the digital marketing course recognizes this. Through practical assignments, real-world projects, and case studies, you will get ample opportunities to apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. This experiential learning approach ensures that you develop the necessary skills and gain confidence in implementing effective digital marketing strategies.

Etudemy has forged strategic partnerships with leading organizations and digital marketing agencies in Malappuram. This collaboration provides you with opportunities for internships, guest lectures, and networking events, allowing you to build valuable connections in the industry and gain practical exposure to real-world scenarios.

The digital marketing course in Malappuram goes beyond classroom instruction to provide comprehensive career support. From resume building and interview preparation to job placement assistance, the course strives to empower you with the skills and resources necessary to kick-start your career in digital marketing successfully.

Every student’s learning journey is unique, and the Etudemy digital courses recognize this by offering a flexible learning path. Whether you are a beginner or already have some knowledge of digital marketing, the course can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The curriculum is designed to cater to different skill levels, ensuring that you can learn at your own pace and focus on areas that interest you the most.


Etudemy Digital Marketing Course Perinthalmanna Malappuram