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Digital Marketing Course Cochin, Calicut, Perinthalmanna Malappuram & Bangalore

ETUDEMY mission is to support & enable budding professionals in achieving career goals.

Would you get a high-paying salary doing this placement guarantee digital marketing course at Etudemy?

Is investing time and money in digital marketing course worth?

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Google Certified Digital Marketing Course

If you are looking for Best Digital Marketing Course Cochin, Calicut, Malappuram, Perinthalmanna and Bangalore with PLACEMENT, INTERNSHIP AND LIVE PROJECTS, look no further than ETUDEMY!

Advanced Diploma in Digital Branding & Web Technologies

100% Placement Guarantee Course. The course specially designed for students. This Course includes: Digital Marketing + Graphic Designing+ Web Development + Video Editing + English Communication + Interview Skills


Web Designing & Development Training Courses

Etudemy Offer Website Development and Web Designing Training Courses at our all centres: Python, PHP, JAVA & HTML with live projects. And also teach Android App Development Course at all centres. We teach you a simple and easy way to code the program.

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Whether you are a Student (any branch), Jobseeker, IT/ Marketing professional, Housewife or even a Businessman, this course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn creative things. We guarantee that you will gain the right strategy and tactics to drive all kinds of digital marketing campaigns. Our courses at Etudemy are designed for students (Plus Two, Degree, PG and B.tech), startups, employees, top marketers, sales, and marketing teams who are seeking a career path in digital marketing or who are serious about successful marketing.

To know Fee Details?

1: Clear Concept

Etudemy Digital Marketing Courses for all levels, covers technical skills, creative techniques, and business strategies. Our instructors are industry professionals experts in Bangalore. We can also design a custom-fit learning module that is tailored to your specific needs to help you get the best of Etudemy.

2: Practical Lab

ETUDEMY Courses include provocation and knowledge sharing, action learning sessions, networking with peers, latest technology integration and mentorship. We are committed to providing quality education in core elements of digital marketing, and the latest technology.

3: Live Projects

ETUDEMY academy, an initiative to provide quality hands-on training to those who want to master the art of growing their online presence. We are committed to provide and support candidates with LIVE projects and training in the core elements of digital marketing in the most cutting-edge practices.

Digital Marketing Course Cochin, Calicut, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram, Manjeri, and Kotakkal and Bangalore

Why many people are recommending Etudemy!

At Etudemy Digital Marketing Academy, we have a team of passionate marketers and developers. Our all-in-one digital marketing course Cochin is designed for business owners and corporate professionals who want to increase their business. It’s also for students and homemakers with a desire to build a career. That’s you, right? If so, stay with more for a bit longer.

  • Digital strategies change rapidly, Etudemy digital marketing institute cochin make sure you are at the forefront.
  • Our team of experts has the first-hand experience and wants to see you succeed.
  • Classes are more hands-on and give one-on-one attention you deserve.

If you’re like most people today you spend a lot of time on-line. In fact, the average person spends 10 and a half hours a day on the internet. More than watching TV, reading newspapers or listening to radio combined. Even kids are spending more time today on-line instead of in front of a TV. Think for a moment how many times you go to Facebook, YouTube, Tweet or Google a business. So it should come as no surprise that digital media is the fastest and most effective way of getting your message to a worldwide audience. With that comes an enormous opportunity to earn a living. That’s where Etudemy Digital Marketing Institute comes in!


Digital Marketing Institute Cochin
Digital Marketing Course Cochin
Digital Marketing Course Cochin

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We would like to welcome you to our digital marketing institute located in Marathahalli, Bangalore and Kerala – Kochi, Calicut, Perinthalmanna, Manjeri, Kottakkal, Nilambur, Tirur, Edappal, Ponnani and Malappuram to attend a demo session that we provide every weekend

The opportunities in the fast-growing field of digital marketing are endless. Don’t get left behind. Give us a call, or sign up with us and we will connect with you. Call or click TODAY. You owe it to yourself.


Digital Marketing Course
Advance Diploma in Digital Branding & Web Technologies
Social Media Marketing Course
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Google Ads Course
Learn Digital Marketing Course Practically at Etudemy
Advance Diploma in Digital Branding course with Live Projects and Internship
Learn Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube for real business marketing and branding goals.
Learn SEO clearly and strategically with WordPress website design
Google ads, the best tool for digital marketers to make better ROI

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Advanced Diploma in Digital Branding & Web Technologies

Whether you are hearing about digital marketing for the first time or starting to consider it, with our Advanced Diploma in Digital Branding and Web Technologies and Web Design Program we guarantee that you will get a placement after the program. We have already partnered with a number of digital marketing agencies and reputed companies to provide placement slots for our trainees.

Module Advance Diploma in Digital Marketing and Web Technologies?

🎓 Digital Marketing + Online Branding + Graphic Design for Branding + Video Editing + Web Development + English Communication + Interview Skills

Why Advanced Diploma in Digital Branding & Web Technologies?

Anyone who completes the Digital Branding course will specialize in five areas: Digital Marketing, Design Branding, Video Design, Website Design, and Web Development. Therefore, companies will give preference to multi-skilled candidates. Moreover, these five skills will help any job seeker to find employment in foreign countries very easily.

A Job Guaranteed Course from ETUDEMY Digital Marketing Academy Cochin, Malappuram, Perinthalmanna and Bangalore.

ETUDEMY Digital Branding Course: ETUDEMY Digital will be dedicated to providing real-time industry training in digital marketing, graphic/digital design, video editing and website development, with placement guarantee. In addition, English communication and interview skills training will be provided.

ETUDEMY Academy guarantees 100% placement to anyone who successfully completes the Advanced Diploma in Digital Branding & Web Technologies.

Minimum Qualification: Plus Two

Duration: 6 Months Training

Internship: 3 Months Internship with Live Projects



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With so many options available for learning Digital Marketing course Cochin, you might be asking “what makes Etudemy different?” We’re darn proud of our group of dedicated techies who live and breath digital marketing. Specialists in the field who are keeping up with the fast-paced changes and new trends in Social Media. Then there’s our individual attention to your learning.

Etudemy training is conducted in a classroom setting at our training centres located in Bangalore &  Kerala: Cochin, Perinthalmanna, Malappuram.  Class time is designed to meet YOUR schedule. With weekday morning, afternoon and evening class times available. Included morning classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Most classes last about 2 hours. Each student is equipped with detailed course materials.

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end when the classes are over. We have a team standing by to help with creating your resume and mock interviewing. It’s another reason why we’re the best at training you for a career in digital marketing. Or learn how to better market your company.

The business world is highly competitive. It’s critical to the success of any company to stand out from the crowd. Are you confident your digital marketing skills can compete with the big boys? Choose Etudemy Digital Marketing Academy to give you the skills to position yourself as a marketing expert. Our program is tailored to each student. To the corporate exec to market their business. To the IT or marketing pro wanting to sharpen their skills. To the college grad or homemakers who want to start a new career.

Whether you are hearing about digital marketing for the first time or starting to consider it, with our Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing and Web Design Program we guarantee that you will get a placement after the program. We have already partnered with a number of digital marketing agencies and reputed companies to provide placement slots for our trainees. This is one way by which we stand out from the crowd.

We have a separate team for resume preparation, mock interview and what have you to help you find your footing in the highly competitive market.

After finishing the digital marketing course, you would be mostly hired as a digital marketing strategist who is responsible for taking care of every aspect of digital marketing. But, if you are looking for a specialized role in digital marketing like social media specialist, you can go for it. As with every job, as a fresher, you would be paid according to the industry standards. As you gain experience, you can get promoted to a digital marketing manager and get paid more money.

Without any cast of doubt, we can say digital marketing will continue to play a central role in marketing. And investing your time and effort in learning digital marketing will give a secure career that you can take pride in. So, next time when someone raises the question about job opportunities in digital marketing, educate them about the wide range of opportunities in digital marketing.

  1. The explosion of the internet and smartphones has awakened the digital marketing sector and you can already take advantage of the millions of jobs that come with it.
  2. Online marketing will be mandatory for all businesses in the coming years. You can prepare for digital marketing job openings.
  3. Internet marketing is a much less expensive marketing technique compared to other marketing and branding techniques.
  4. More job opportunities – (Some vacancies in companies: Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing Manager, Online Marketing Specialist, SEO Executive, SEO Analyst, Google Ads Manager, Social Media Manager, Email Campaigner, Web Analyst, Website Developer, Content Manager etc.)
  5. Digital marketing can be very useful for those who are starting their own business.
  6. A work area where you can work from home.
  7. An area with more freelancing opportunities.
  8. Digital Marketing is easy to learn for those who have no computer knowledge at all
  9. An area where governments’ budget allocations are likely to be further deferred, especially in the coming years.
  10. Digital Marketing / Online Marketing – An industry that is booming in every country in the world

People generally assume the benefits of digital marketing are limited to businesses. They think that businesses can only use digital marketing to their advantage as it involves different strategies and tactics. But, it’s wrong. Digital marketing can be applied by anyone who has an interest in learning it. And it is far more effective and easy to implement while compared to the traditional form of advertising.


Although we may think it is the large businesses, small businesses and medium-sized businesses are the ones that are optimizing digital marketing to its fullest. Start-ups that don’t have the capital to spend on traditional advertisements invest in digital marketing as it is cost-effective. Moreover, digital marketing helps them effectively reach and engage their target audience online.

As with small businesses, even students who have learned digital marketing are using them in their favour. They are providing freelance services to companies and after gaining significant experience they are also starting their digital marketing.

Thinking what’s the fuzz about digital marketing and its benefits? Check out the reasons why you should consider digital marketing over other forms of marketing to sustain your business in the digital era.

You might be running a beauty salon over the past years. You always wanted to have your salon’s advertisement in your area. But you know the fact that getting your brand’s name in the billboard is not only costly but also out of reach. Digital marketing can solve this. Whether you are running a beauty salon or a franchise, you can engage with your audience through digital marketing. By running Facebook ads or Google ads, you can effectively target audience and improve the reach.

Easy to measure

When you are running an ad on television or print, you don’t know whom you are reaching. You may or may not reach your target audience. But through digital marketing, you can make sure that whom you are reaching out and how well your ads are performing. Tools such as Google Analytics will help you measure specific goals that you need to achieve for your website/blog. Also, Google Ads Manager allows tracking the performance of ads making it easier for you to connect with the right audience.

Brand development

By implementing the right SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing), you can improve your brand reach in no time. And particularly if you are a start-up, digital marketing can be the best way of going about your brand development. It is cost-effective and ensures positive results. Also, as a start-up, you can improve your brand visibility using Search Engine Marketing in the initial phase of your journey. 

Improved Conversion Rates

 In traditional marketing, we have to make continuous calls to convert a customer. But, in digital marketing, customers will come looking for you if they trust your business. If your SEO and SEO marketing is on par level, it is easy to convert customers. Also, you can run Google ads with a good landing page which will bring you the right customers who have an interest in associating with your business.

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Yes, Etudemy provides placement support for digital marketing and IT Courses in Bangalore, Cochin, Calicut and Malappuram

  • Google Ads Certifications
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Facebook Certification
  • Hubspot Certification
  • Etudemy Certification
  • Internship Certification

Digital marketing course: 2 to 3 months

Advance Diploma in Digital Branding & Web Technologies: 9 to 10 months

At Etudemy, We usually start a new batch in the first week and the final week of every month

A student can enrol for either of the following 3 sessions from Monday to Friday:

  • Morning batch
  • Afternoon batch
  • Evening batch

Weekend Batch: All Sundays from 10 am to 1 pm

  • Students
  • Job Seekers
  • Youtubers
  • Business Men/ Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals
  • Housewives

A student can enrol for this course after completing plus two, Degree courses like Bcom, BA, BSC, BBA, BCA and Professional Coursers like Btech, MCA, MBA can also join digital marketing course and other IT Courses at Etudemy

Of course, we have a weekend batch on Sunday Morning from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

  • If you are looking for a job, the minimum qualification required is plus two
  • If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur or knowledge seeker, no matter what qualification you have

If a businessman comes to Etudmey to take a course on Digital Marketing, Besides the training that we provide to all students, we also provide assistance in their projects like Website Creation, SEO implementation, Social Media Work etc.. This Makes Etudemy different from other Digital Marketing Institutes.

Etudemy Digital Institute has branches at 3 finest locations which are easily accessible to anyone who wishes to take our digital marketing course.

  1. Banglore, near Marathahalli Bridge where many IT parks are located
  2. Kochi, near to Ernakulam South Railway Station, Panampillinagar, Manorama Junction, Kochi
  3. Malappuram, Opposite KSRTC Bus Stand, Perintalmanna


Etudemy provides digital marketing courses, website development class, web designing course, graphic designing courses, mobile app development programs and AI integrated courses; data science courses, data analytics courses.

At  Etudemy, we take a collaborative approach to partner with various corporates in order to deliver experiential learning programs that can enhance the IT skills of current employees or aid the process of learning, for new recruits.

We offer a wide range of software training on Python, Java, Php and HTML from induction to expert levels, which includes varied IT languages & other technical skills as required by the client. Providing excellence at every stage of training is our motive. With our expert trainers and world-class curriculum, a client can rest assured about the quality of content delivered and the results thereof.

Etudemy can assist you with experiential learning:

Real-Time Code Assessment and Feedback
Project Development using Real-Time Tools




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