Digital Marketing Career In India

Digital Marketing Career In India


This is a list of the most sought Digital Marketing Career In India. Whether you are looking for a job or you want to transition to this field, this list will enrich your knowledge regarding the career opportunities in India.

Digital Marketing Manager

 With more and more companies, businesses and enterprises going online, the demand and need for digital market experts for managerial positions is higher than ever. Skilled, experienced and efficient professionals are required for this position. The responsibilities of a digital marketing manager involve several tasks like leading the marketing team, managing them, reporting to the higher authorities and coming up with better digital marketing solutions for the progress of the company. The more efficient, skilled and updated you are, the better are the chances of getting hired.

SEO Manager

 SEO is another leading digital marketing tool which plays a significant role in online businesses and companies. Being well-versed with SEO requires knowledge and experience. Also, you must be updated with the latest SEO trends of Google as they keep changing from time to time. Integrating SEO with a business requires careful strategy and proper implementation.

The visibility of a website can be enhanced in various ways and that falls under the responsibilities of an SEO expert. The salary increases with experience and expertise. An SEO executive must be proficient in keyword research, content writing, user experience optimization, internal linking, managing duplicate content and more.

Social Media Marketing

 Social media marketing is one of the most sought-after positions in the world of the digital market. Social media has become a necessity for online businesses because it provides a reach to billions of people from all across the world. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are used by online businesses that aim to have a strong online presence.

Having an active social media profile can increase customer engagement by more than 40%. Planning activities, marketing, advertising, announcements, customer conversation, query resolution, collecting analytic reports and a lot more can be done on social media. Moreover, you can also advertise your service or products on social media by specifying the demographic, geographical locations or other criteria. Hence, the positions of social media manager and executive are in high demand.

Content Marketing Manager

The role of a content marketing manager is to lead the content writing and marketing team. You could work for a company or do freelance work. This job can be done from the comfort of home, which works as an incentive. You must have marketing expertise, SEO expertise, and digital marketing certifications in order to get hired for this position. The tasks of a content marketing manager also involve managing marketing campaigns, blog, copywriting, sales page, guest blogging, email marketing and communications, e-book publications and more.

Search Engine Specialist or Marketer

This is a position which is generally offered by big or medium companies. Small companies usually include the tasks of this role with that of a digital manager. Some companies outsource this work to digital marketing management companies or agencies. For big companies, a dedicated, professional and experienced individual is required for the role of a Search Engine Marketing Specialist.

The responsibilities are to manage the search engine marketing team, targeting leads from a given marketing budget analysis, bid management, keyword research, ad campaigns, ad copywriting, split testing and more. Fresher can apply for this job, provided they have certain skills and the required qualification.

Inbound marketing manager

 An inbound marketing manager looks after the conversion rate optimization, lead nurturing, enhancing prospects to gain more customers, drip marketing and at times, includes content marketing. The work of an inbound marketing manager is to formulate effective strategies to attract customers with the use of content. This can also include content marketing, implementation of strategies and execution.

Copywriting specialist

A copywriter has a long series of responsibilities. The role of a copywriter in a digital marketing team is significant. It requires good communication skills, ability to participate in teamwork, and proficient copywriting skills. The work of a copywriter is to refine the content that has already been created by the content writing team.

It extends to aiding the social media manager with effective wording, enhancing advertising strategies with better phrases, and helping the search engine marketing specialist with ad copywriting. A copywriter should know how to funnel sales and streamline the company’s advertising objective in the best way.

Digital marketing is a necessity for companies of all sizes. The need for the job profiles mentioned above is evergreen. Strengthening your career in digital marketing can reward you with a promising job. If you want to gain more knowledge, upgrade your technical skills, and develop digital marketing skills, or need the best SEO training in Bangalorethen enroll yourself at a best digital marketing institute in Bangalore.