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    Etudemy Data Science Course in Kerala

    Etudemy Data Science Course in Kerala are in high demand in the market. And there are many reasons for it. According to the industry experts, the demands for data science professionals are increasing with time because of their ability to drive businesses forward.

Although all these sounds a bit technical for a newbie starting in data science, it is easy to learn provided the right training. Edutemy, an established Data Science Course in Kerala provider with branches across Kerala, offers data science courses at affordable prices.

A blend of various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles, data science is a process whereby you make decisions and predictions from raw data. Data science is primarily used to arrive at informed decisions through predictive casual analytics, prescriptive analytics (predictive plus data science), and machine learning. 


Predictive casual analytics: Predictive causal analytics predicts the possibilities of an event in the future by analyzing patterns in the data. For instance, if you are giving some money to the customer on time, you want to know whether he will pay it back at the given time. To ensure that, you analyze the payment history of customers and it will help you predict his/her behaviour towards the same.


Prescriptive analytics: Considered as an extension of predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics uses specific models to generate automated recommendations and solutions. A comparatively new discipline in data science, it is an evolving technique that is being experimented across various industries. For instance, Google’s self-driving car is one example of prescriptive analytics as it takes a decision based on data.


Machine learning for pattern discovery: While predictive analytics uses historical data to predict events and prescriptive analytics uses specific models to generate automated recommendations, machine learning helps you to find hidden patterns within the data set to make meaningful predictions. The common algorithm employed for pattern discovery is clustering.

In business, knowledge is power, and data is the fuel that makes that power possible. Data science combines domain knowledge, programming abilities, and subject knowledge of maths and statistics to extract useful insights from data. To obtain meaningful insights, they use a variety of abilities to analyze data received from the web, smart phones, customers, sensors, and other sources. Organizations that want to stay competitive in the age of big data should progressively work on building data science capabilities. According to a study by Oracle, 92 percent of the world’s data was created in the last two years.

Every organization faces challenges to maintain a large volume of data. As businesses make decision-making through analyzing data, they need people who have expertise in it. Secondly, there are only a few who have an understanding of data science. There is a lack of skilled data professionals in the industry. Thirdly, it is the combination of several disciplines, such as statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and computer programs.


The enormous amount of data collected and saved by technologies has the potential to revamp businesses and communities all around the world but only if we can understand it. By upgrading products and services, organizations are utilizing data science to turn data into a competitive advantage. Many businesses have prioritized data science and are investing in it madly. Data Science is being used by several well-known companies to simplify their routine activities. For example, Walmart manages a large amount of consumer data. It is one of the big sectors that is utilizing Big Data to improve operational efficiency.


Investing in a data scientist or data science technology can upscale your company/business value in the following ways:

  • Quantifiable evidence allows for better decision-making.
  • Increasing the usefulness of your product
  • Improves the predictability of business
  • Hiring the best talent
  • Identifying your target market
  • Helpful in interpreting any complex data

Data Science Course in Perinthalmanna

Owing to this exceptionally increased demand for Data science and technology, we have curated a course about Data Science Course in Perinthalmanna at Etudemy.
Data Science Course in Kerala


Data science has grown tremendously over the last decade, and as a result, one should expect tremendous career growth in this field. Big firms collect data on their customers’ behaviors, buying habits, likes, and dislikes, reviews, and other factors that can help them evaluate their marketing strategies, products, and services, all of which can be learned via our Data Science Course in Perinthalmanna.

Data science has become such a wide field that almost everyone can participate in it by learning new tools and skills at our Data Science Course in Perinthalmanna. Anyone with a fair understanding of mathematics, analysis, and business can join this course.

Etudemy’s Data Science Course covers technical skills, creative techniques, and business strategies.


With our data science curriculum, you may learn all about data science and how to approach the subjects in order to land a good job. The following reasons distinguish us as the best Data Science Course in Perinthalmanna.

  • Learn from seasoned industry experts with extensive teaching experience
  • Experts mentoring students with hands-on experience
  • Get in-depth knowledge of data structure and manipulation.
  • Our data science institute can help you find full-time jobs in a variety of industries.
  • With the support of realistic assignments, live projects, training materials, and one-on-one sessions, you may practice and refine your abilities.
  • The program is open to students from all walks of life.
  • Any and everyone can enroll for this course, be it a working professional, student, or even a homemaker.
  • Course completion certificate enriching value to your resume



Etudemy strives to provide comprehensive and practical information to its students. Our instructors are industry professionals and experts in Data Science.


The Data Science Course in Perinthalmanna teaches students how to use tools like R, Excel, Tableau, SQL, NoSQL, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Apache Spark, and Storm to solve data problems


Students learn to work with Big Data using R, Python, Tableau, Tensor Flow, Keras, Decision Tree, Random Forest, Bagging and Boosting, and the Black-box technique-SVM.


We maintain the curriculum up to date by adding new technologies and market themes on a regular basis.


The course includes a variety of live projects based on cutting-edge real-life scenarios in a variety of disciplines.


The projects will assist you in mastering Data Science and Big Data ideas.


With every business now recognizing the value of data science, at least 2 lakhs+ people will be required in the next several years. This is why a Data Science course in Perinthalmanna. can provide an ambitious professional with a wide range of prospects. This is your opportunity to join this enriching course and see yourself as the next data science professional.

  • The increasing demand for data scientists will give you an indication of the scope of data science in India, and some of the major industries with a strong demand for data scientists like E-commerce, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Technology, Transportation, Banking and Finance, and many others.
  • Data science offers a wide range of jobs, including those of a business analyst, data scientist, statistician, data architect, data engineer, or machine learning engineer.
  • A data scientist can be offered between 6 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum depending on their qualifications, job roles, job profiles, and years of experience. Industry leaders like Amazon, Flipkart, IBM, Walmart are always in need of Data scientists.

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