Ethical Hacking Course in Malappuram

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Ethical Hacking Course in Malappuram

Living in this digital era where nearly everything is online and connected to the Internet, makes our life a lot easier. That one click can give us access to anything possible. But such a comfort surely comes with many drawbacks.

One of the main problems in computer technology is hacking. All the cybercrimes occur when people with bad intent organize these operations from behind a computer screen from their own homes. Because the Internet is so widely accessible, it encourages an exponentially larger number of hackers to undertake cybercrime. Naturally, the demand for skilled Ethical Hackers and Cyber security specialists has skyrocketed as a result of this issue.

When we talk about Ethical Hacking, we’re talking about hacking that is motivated by ethical or moral ideals and have no malicious intent. It is a security technique in which a paid hacker, either an individual or an employee of a firm, attempts to break into a system in order to simulate the actions of a malicious cyber-attacker. In order to look for holes and entry points in a network, ethical hacking is necessary.

Importance of Hacking

To evaluate security systems in order to identify security flaws and risks

Government-sponsored hacking is used to prevent intelligence information on influence politics, a hostile state, and other topics from reaching the public.

Preventing cyber-terrorism and terrorist attacks will secure the nation’s safety.

To help us gain new skills for a variety of jobs, including software development, risk management, quality assurance testing, and network defense.

To include security features in programs that protect organizational and user databases

It will ensure whether all the systems are safe from black hat hackers, grey hat hackers, and white hat hackers

Ethical Hacking Course in Malappuram

To combat this, ethical hacking or penetration testing has emerged as a profession. Organizations are looking for ethical hackers who can spot vulnerabilities and threats that can also develop solid frameworks to protect company data. You can enroll in our Ethical hacking course in Malappuram if you enjoy solving problems and are intrigued by the realm of cyber security. It brings you the hands-on experience of ways hackers use to break into network systems and defend your system against them.

  • The ethical hacking course in Malappuram has been designed to help you improve your blue team skills.
  • Our training takes a step-by-step approach to ensure that you grasp the foundations before moving on to more complex subjects and thus makes it the best fit for all age groups, be it a student, a working professional, businessman, freelancer, or even a housewife.
  • Our training includes teaching basic as well as advanced topics such as cloud assaults, penetration testing methodologies, online application hacking, wireless networking, and more, with a team of trained teachers, industry experts, and mentors who will help you learn industry-relevant concepts.
  • Our mentors will show you how to find and close security holes in a network or web application.
  • Risk identification, session hijacking, sniffing traffic, reconnaissance, cryptography, penetration testing, SQL injection, XSS, Linux commands, vulnerability analysis, social engineering, networking, denial-of-service, and other important subjects are covered in this Ethical hacking course in Malappuram.

Course Completion Certificate @ Etudemy

Etudemy issues a course completion certificate to the candidate who successfully completes the Ethical Hacking Course in Malappuram. This certificate is accepted by most organizations as proof of the time and effort put into this subject. It validates the abilities and concepts you learned during your enrollment period. It serves as proof that you completed all of the assignments, assessments, and projects required to become a Certified Ethical Hacker. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to work on real-time projects and live training modules, which will provide you with the valuable experience thus increasing your chances of getting hired by showcasing your project practice. We provide you with a platform to develop a successful career with prominent IT firms, having placed many students in their desired positions.
Capgemini, Medline, IBM India, Google, Accenture, Infosys Technologies, HCL, and others are among the companies that hire Certified Ethical Hackers. In India, there are a variety of full-time and part-time employment vacancies for Ethical Hacking and associated careers. Information Penetration Tester, Privacy Consultant, Network Security Specialist, Ethical Hacker, Risk Management, Senior Analyst, Security, Vulnerability Analyst, IT Security Auditor, Cyber Security Analyst, GRC Consultant, Software Security Engineer, Security Architect, Technical Lead, and so on are some of their job titles. In 2021, the average annual salary for a Certified Ethical Hacker was around $90,000. In India, the equivalent is around Rs 5.01 lakhs. As a matter of fact, A Certified ethical hacker expert makes 44% more than non-certified ethical hacker professionals.

Start your ethical hacking journey today with the Ethical Hacking Course in Malappuram and master the best hacking techniques.

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