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Etudemy is one of the best - Digital Marketing Agencies in Kerala and employed with the best Search Engine and Social Media Specialists. More than a mere SEO, we are specialized in a business consultant for various business sectors. We make a difference by helping you to simplify your business and bring the much-needed brand visibility.

Website Ranking

Google Page Rank can be achieved with our expertise in SEO service. We don’t rely on any tricks or secrets to achieve website ranking other than White Hat Technique. Our customers trust us through brand visibility and our dedicated services.

Feel the difference

SEO Makes a Difference for your website by utilizing On-Page and Off-page factors together with proper Link Building. While conventional methods and traditional marketing tools may not provide the results as expected. Our specialized SEO services have, in fact, helped clients reach their customers.

Reach Target Audience

Simplify Your Business with a range of SEO Processes which has helped many clients to configure a customer-centric campaign that is well managed with active monitoring and reporting. Today’s fast-evolving world and continuous competitive threats that can reduce your customer base and brand visibility.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing (SMM) refers to the process of utilizing social networking websites as a marketing tool, where, the goal is to produce those content that users will share with their social network in order to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

As we are one of the best digital marketing agency in Kerala, Etudemy help you in promoting your business on Facebook and generate new leads. We design a dynamic Facebook business page and promote your business with our expert Facebook advertising. We emphasize on the marketing goals of your company by generating leads and conversations, and also increasing the likes and shares for your postings.
Etudemy offers an extensive Twitter campaign that helps in reaching the customers through consistent and regular tweets. Etudemy Digital Markeitng Agency in Kerala, work on optimizing your business profile in accordance with your business goals. We promote your business with compelling content that is embedded with creative images and right keywords.
As a pioneer in social media marketing, we will help in promoting your business in the world’s largest platform for professionals, LinkedIn. We create dynamic content, share it on LinkedIn, reach the targeted audience, and build your brand or expand your customer base. From driving traffic to your website to building relationships with customers, we take care of the complete social media marketing.

Website Development Services


Etudemy offers open source CMS web development, the WordPress web development. We help in migrating to WordPress from any CMS


Our team of proficient PHP developers helps in building a professional website that takes your online business to the next level.


We create feature-packed HTML5-based web and mobile applications that make a lasting impression on your customers with a distinctive user experience

Website design plays a key role in determining the first impression for your target audience. Our web design experts design a website in such a way that, they make sure, your product or services are not just visible but attention-grabbing as well. We don’t just stop there in making the web design online friendly alone, we engage the customers to become clients through our expert CTAs. Apart from designing a website with the impressive layout and visual presentation, our web design experts ensure that the web design online is crafted with care to make an everlasting impression on the visitors.


Design a website for marketing your services. Promotion of your website is primal in the marketing of the products or services. Designing a website that shall rank well on the search engines stays crucial for making your business succeed. Etudemy has the most excellent web design experts to create the best SEO for your website.


Grab the advantage of the best company website design from Etudemy Digital Marketing Agancy in Kerala
At Etudemy, our main concern is on the branding and promotion of your services by creating the best web design online. We devise different ways to create the best website for your company that provides our Clients with the peace of mind to concentrate on their business.


To design a website from scratch takes great effort, but the rewards are more appreciative. Since it helps in creating the best SEO website design, unlike that of utilizing the custom-made web design online.

Google Ads Agency

google adwords-services
Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala
Advertising on Google helps in driving more traffic and increase the conversion rate. Etudemy offers the best Google Adwords campaign services that include PPC management, Text Advertising, Display Advertising, YouTube Ads, and Shopping ads.

We promote your business online and drive consistent traffic to your website. As a pioneer in providing Adwords marketing services in Bangalore and Kerala, we know well how Ad works and how advertising through Google platform can help in promoting your business.

Partner with us to gain an increased ROI through the increased web traffic from our professional campaign. We not only manage your Adwords campaign but also analyze and design a cutting-edge marketing strategy with our years of experience in marketing services.

The million-dollar question on everyone’s mind is why Google Adwords ? and how to promote my business on Google. Well, the answer is, be it Google Adwords campaign through our combined Display Advertising and Text Advertising, we promote your business on Google helps in driving high-quality traffic to your website, while also dramatically increasing the brand visibility and high conversion.

E-mail Marketing

We offer the best Email Marketing Services in Bangalore with mass mail marketing and Gmail campaign through Google Adwords. Bulk email advertising helps in acquiring email leads for your business by sending a large number of emails from the customized email data lists.

We help in building your customer database through our Email marketing campaign. Our effective email marketing approach involves the creation of a customer email list from existing business data or building business email lists from contact forms on the website.

Etudemy offers the best email campaigns with effective email marketing, tracking, and customized Email advertisement solutions. Emailing through effective email marketing solutions from Etudemy helps to build a personalized relationship with your customers.

Our specialized email campaign management includes email marketing tracking and the post-analysis of the report to understand the effectiveness of email marketing. This helps us in delivering the right email marketing solutions, improvise the direct email advertising and drive more customer engagement.

By emailing at the right time with the right content to your existing customer email list or new email data lists, we ensure that customer loyalty is built. Running the best email campaigns, Etudemy increases the sales while also increasing the customer base through our email marketing solutions

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