Digital Marketing Course Fees

Digital Marketing Course Fee: INR 25000/-

Etudemy Charges a very nominal fee. Digital Marketing Course Fees at Etudemy are very cheap as compared to other digital marketing institute

Our program is tailored to help you reach your peak and to do that faster. You’re assured of all the assistance and aids you’ll need to completely build an online career or establish a strong presence. Etudemy Academy is where you have the best hands in Bangalore and Kerala. You can only be the best when you’re tutored by the best!

Our training classes include provocation and knowledge sharing, action learning sessions, networking with peers, and mentorship – all happening in an enabling and relaxed learning atmosphere.

We are passionate about digital marketing because we believe it is now very difficult for businesses to thrive without some elements of digital marketing efforts. We are committed to providing quality education in core elements of marketing as well as developing bespoke learning classes for those who have identified their career path.

The academy consists of an eclectic mix of world-class and leading marketing experts with several years of hands-on experience both in local and international markets.  They are always excited at every opportunity of teaching the students assigned to them a variety of digital marketing techniques and the latest trends, as well as revealing their secret ingredients to help you gain an advantage over your contemporaries.